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SolutionSave Rating for Online Backup Solutions Hosting & Domain Registration, Discounts PLUS 'Cash Back' or 'Donate to a Cause' SolutionSave- Additional Solutions and Information

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IDrive is ranked as one of the best Online Backup solutions for service, security & price. For individuals requiring more features and functionality than the SolutionSave™ online backup solution, we partnered with to meet your needs.


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November 29, 2010. In our research of listed 'Deals for IDrive solutions'; the '50% discounts', 'promo codes' or '1/2 OFF coupons' for I-Drive were simply the existing offers you can get by going directly to the web site. You can still get those discounts through SolutionSave™, but we also add on ADDITIONAL 'CASH BACK' or you can choose to let SolutionSave™ 'Donate to a Cause'. Simply click through the I-Drive image and you are all set!!!



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July 14, 2010 ARTICLE:

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Simple... SolutionSave™ has made agreements with only 'Best in Class' products to be a partner or reseller of these solutions. By clicking through our links, we are able to receive funds from these agreements on your purchase BEYOND any discounts already available when purchasing. When your purchase is complete, SolutionSave™ will send you an email asking if you would like to receive 'CASH BACK' from SolutionSave (up to 10% of your purchase price) or allow us to 'DONATE to a CAUSE' of your choice. SolutionSave™ will donate up to 90% of our earnings to worthy and credible causes.

Though we offer and market 'CASH BACK' as a deal option, our true goal is to create 'Cause Marketing at Warp Speed' because we think we can and should do more for the community (beyond finding the best deals, discounts, coupons, promos, etc). Most Cause Marketing campaigns donate around 1% of the sale price. At SolutionSave, we start at 10% of earnings, with a goal of 90% of earnings after taxes. In our experience, individuals who have a simple option to receive a few extra bucks from cash back or donate to a worthy cause, the majority choose the donation.

Online Storage and Online Backup Reviews

The SolutionSave™ Online File Folder utilized as an Online Backup and Storage solution has been recognized for it's excellence by organizations such as PC World Magazine* as being a great online storage solution and it is more than enough for 90% of our clients. The Online File Folder delivers a secure online solution for multiple PC at an affordable price.

SolutionSave Online File Folder Backup and Storage

For those clients who fall into the group who require additional functionality, SolutionSave™ review the other top providers and partnered with the best to compliment our service.

More Online Backup Solutions Donation Partners:

By utilizing the links to the right, you will receive the same discounts, but a portion of the earning will go to charity via SolutionSave™.

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Who does SolutionSave™ concider 'worthy causes' for it's donations?

The list is continually expanding due to requests from individuals like you or through formal sponsorships with Not-For-Profits. SolutionSave™ will only donate to a cause after researching their credibility and giving them the 'SolutionSave™ Certification'. A small sampling of the organizations we concider credible included:

The Salvation Army,
Children's Memorial Hospital,
American Cancer Society,
Good Will,
National Wildlife Federation (helping to clean-up the Gulf Oil Spill-Disaster),
and numerous local school districts and charity groups!

Email us if you would like to start a campaign for your Non-Profit or local organization to be included. SolutionSave™ is a great no-risk solution for suplimenting a Non-Profits funding.

For many Non-Profit/Charity organizations SolutionSave™ will design a custom web portal in exchange for internal notices to their members or contributors regarding the offering. Please Email us with additional questions!

SolutionSave- Good Business Decisions supporting Great Causes